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Products designed to awaken your wild senses, indulge your desires, support your embodiment journey & remind you that you are golden

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Necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, talismans, crystal infused & much more 

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Why I started Wild Autumn Boutique

Wild Autumn is designed to support and empower folk on their self exploration, healing & embodiment journey. 

It was also born from my love language of gifting physical products that just light up the soul of another. My heart sees your heart. So every product I create or source holds a particular energetic vibration.

As an intuitive energy practitioner, I'm always on a mission to guide others to integrate, empower and connect deeper to themselves. I know that reflective and connective tools are so important to surround yourself with. I wanted to infuse my products with high vibrational, luxurious energy. I also love supporting other creators by stocking their products too. I work on a small batch, planet conscious basis that feels so delicious and personal. 

I hope you love your Wild Autumn products as much as I have making and sourcing them!

Wild love, Emma x

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